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I love this yoga studio. Heidi is the most amazing teacher. When I come away from class I feel stronger and connected to my body AND the people in class. There is so much joy and laughter mixed in with deep introspective work. LOVE.

~Leslie St. John

If you are looking for a place that is welcoming and full of joy, Heart Centered Yoga is it.  They remind me to practice yoga with body, mind and spirit and guide me through it from whatever place I am.  I love yoga here because it is such beautiful space owned by beautiful people who greet you with love and light each time you walk through the door.

~Debbie Knecht

I have been amazed how Heart Centered has helped my body realign and recharge from everyday life.  Heidi and Emilie have made a novice feel welcome. 

~Tim Thatcher

Took my first Yoga class and it was amazing. The studio is beautiful and my instructor, Heidi, was so encouraging, I can’t help but be excited for my next class. My life is going to change, thank you!

~Kendra Casper

Went to my first full class tonight, it was wonderful. Such a welcoming warm atmosphere to practice in. Heidi is an amazing instructor with a sweet, caring soul. I am thankful to share this journey. Yoga has become a huge part of my life. Kelly Grimes

So happy to be a part of this. Looking forward to my next class. Instructor was wonderful . Very inviting. Great day.

~Mary Roskam

Safe, comfortable, inviting place to practice yoga and connect with community. Amazing energy! Beautiful addition to our community!

~Emilie Pomerleau

Authentic and safe place to be yourself learning yoga 

~Missy Mihelich

So much love and knowledge! Great addition to the south side of PUEBLO.  

~Tori Bustillos


Our Beliefs and Intentions

Come into our space to experience, learn, and feel the combined energy and power that yoga can bring.

Through compassion centered practices, learn how to tap into the power that resides within, healing the world through self-love and evolution.  We believe that yoga and self-love are the catalysts the world needs right now. 


Growing a connected, conscious, community through compassion. 



Jesse Jaquez
Heidi Mauer

We are two of three sisters born in the southern part of Alaska.  Mother Nature, without a doubt, had a hand in the women we have become.

In the middle of the winter, you could find us on a snow pile carving out a 20-foot castle or riding bikes via the Seward Highway to the seven avenues that make up our sweet little hometown called Seward, Alaska.   Once everything thawed, we were either boating around Resurrection Bay, scouting for whales or climbing to the top of Mt. Marathon, just for fun. We were unaware, at the time, of how our Sacred Mother’s influence would shape our journey ahead. 

Having been raised in a small fishing town off the southern coast of Alaska, we knew when fall arrived it was time to either head to college or go anywhere else to make a living for winter.  This is the point at which all three sisters went separate ways to embark on our individual lives.


Hi, I’m Jesse.  As a younger lady I had always been on or around boats in some fashion so the natural direction for me was the ocean...The Virgin Islands. I had about 10 years of absorbing all the beautiful, salty, spicy, flowering flavors of everything there. The boat work I did was easy, breezy compared to the Gulf of Alaska, so I was able to really connect and understand humans from all over our planet.  I got to be, most times, a big part of their adventure. Looking back, I can see clearly how my time there carved deeper into my character. 


As I approached my thirties, I decided hairstyling would be a cool change of pace for a while...why not?  A sweet spirit angel I had gotten to know while working alongside as a deckhand, invited me to Colorado to try it. It totally worked out. Just before receiving my certification in cosmetology the YOUniverse placed my soulmate directly on my path which led straight south to Pueblo. Shortly after arriving I plugged myself into a hair job with two other amazing soul sisters.  Pueblo has done nothing but provide an ease to my existence.   I am so grateful.


This brings me to now...I believe yoga is the shift our society needs.  To be honest, I did not get yoga at all to begin with.  I thought it was just another form of exercises.  It didn't take long before I began to realize the power in this way of being.  It is a game changer. Yoga development a personal relationship between my mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is always guiding me toward light and love, the superpower that we all share in common. The biggest impact we can make while we are here in this dream is to truly and completely love ourselves.  The Youniverse will take care of the rest. Pluuuuuuus…..yoga is sexy.


My turn! It’s Heidi here 😊.

As a young girl I was very attracted to anything that included physical activity.  Back then, I didn’t know how to explain it, but what I was feeling was a deeper connection to my mind, body and spirt. I felt alive when I moved my body.  I’ve always known that my journey would involve health and wellness in some aspect and so I ventured off one year after Jesse to attend college in Tacoma, WA.  There, I studied Kinesiology, Health, and Fitness Management. 

While in Tacoma, my journey took a beautiful detour. I fell in love with my wonderful loving husband and we began our family.  We have 3 children who are the absolute love and lights of my life.  During my 20’s, I made the conscious decision to stay home and raise my family, we made ends meet working opposite schedules…I worked night shifts personal training and waitressing.  My 30’s rolled around and my youngest was ready for the big kindergarten, so it was time for me to step out and follow what my heart was calling for.  I started working at the YMCA as a Health and Well Being Director.  While at the Y, I gained valuable experience teaching all walks of life.  From high school cycling classes to senior yoga and everything in between.  Most of all what I learned from my time at the Y was how to see the beautiful light in each person, how to pause, notice and foster a deeper connection with them.

Yoga had visited me a little here and there throughout my life, but it wasn’t until I neared my 40’s that I decided to join a yoga studio and my life changed completely.  Yoga opened my eyes to my true self, it taught me to turn inward and helped guide me to be my best.  Yoga helped me to see that I can create the life I choose!  I found my spark, my passion…I found me and that was freedom.

I now have a deep sense of purpose for my time on Earth.  I want to share this beautiful gift of Yoga.  Yoga gives us the gift of awareness, of breath and healing every single day.  It allows us to connect with all the beautiful life that surrounds us…. trees, plants, animals, bugs and people!  Through yoga we can find a sense of ease, or peace as we move throughout our day. Yoga helps us to see our beauty, to love who we are unconditionally so that we may heal ourselves and begin to heal our Beautiful Mother, Earth. 

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